Monday, August 23, 2010


Why is it important to save water?
Water covers 70% of the world’s surface. Nothing would survive without water, trees would not grow so therefore we would not have any oxygen and many more links that we that the world wouldn’t grow so human kind could'nt survive

Why is it important to save water?
Water is our natural resource we need it to survive. Our normal human uses an average of 265 litres of water a day. Dirty water is used in poor countries like in Africa because they don’t have clean water so it is easy to catch diseases.

Why is it important to save water?
Water sustains all living things on earth, every living thing needs water to survive. Humans can only last a few days without water.
We use water for many things cooking cleaning washing and bathing and lots more.

1. Always remember to turn off taps.
2. Fix any leaks in taps.
3. Bottle water and keep it in the fridge.

By Katie


  1. Hi Katie
    You have made some very important points about water. Room 3 children are also talking about water being an important resource so I think we will visit Room 1 blog to look at your information as you may have some answers to our questions.
    Miss McGinnis

  2. HI Room 1. I love your blog and will share it with Rm 8 tomorrow.
    Great facts about water. We appreciated your comments and would love your class to become followers of our blog.
    Mrs Hughes