Thursday, March 22, 2012

Arrowtown School Camp.

Arrowtown School Camp
Wake up! Wake up! What? Why? I turned around and there standing right in front of my bed was mum. She was standing there with my packed suitcases. “Hurry up get out of bed”. As you can see my mum was in a big rush. Then suddenly I turned around and there on the calendar in BOLD writing was Tuesday 21st February. School camp, oh my GOSH its camp. I ran down the hallway got dressed, did my hair and teeth and zoomed out the door.
Finally we got to school, it felt like forever although we live just round the corner. Mum and I pounced out of the car and raced into the classroom. I could not believe my eyes there was boxes and boxes of food. We went outside and saw Leah, Miakkae, Bella, Tayla, Alex and Holley. Mrs. Young then announced they were all coming with us. AWESOME!!!! We packed the car and off we went.
“Holley get your smelly feet off my face”. I said. Stop it” I could hear Mum sighing in the background. Then Bella said “I snuck some magazines.” So we did some quizzes for an hour or so. Alex then pointed out that we were at Fairlight and we were going on the Kingston Flyer. WOW!!!! “Look at all the smoke” I said as the train roared on the breaks. Then I explained to Summer that the smoke looked like elephant’s wind gas. Suddenly I got surrounded by thousands of people talking to one another. That I couldn’t hear the train driver say “hop on”. But I found my seat and sat down beside Leah and Summer. Mr. Silcock then said that you can go out the back of the train. We saw train tracks running in front. I got so dizzy that Mr. Silcock sent us back in the train. Just to fill in a little time we talked about what we think our cabins will look like. Then the train stopped and we all hopped off the train and headed to Arrowtown.
Yahoo!!!! Were at the camping ground we unpacked the car and ran to our cabin. I then spotted Summer, Alex and Bella who were unpacking there bags. Bella said that we were in the same cabin. We had a BBQ for tea and we also played cricket till 10 o’ clock. Then we had to go to bed.
The next morning I woke up to a loud awakening. It was the six girls in the other room. They were banging on the walls and I didn’t have the patients to lie there and listen to the banging sounds so I got up and had breakfast. After breakfast I went and got dressed, packed our bags and locked our doors and off we went to the museum. Rachel our guide meet us at the entry of the old bank. She led us into the museum, she talked about artifacts and the Chinese and how they came to New Zealand.
Later on in the day, after morning tea we went and did some gold panning. It was very hard because you had to bend down. While I was bending down my hat flew off into the water. I was getting very frustrated. Another hour went pass and I still had not found any gold. I was about to give up when I saw a flash of gold in my pan. Trying not to lose my gold I ran over to Rachel. “Good work” she said. Then she got it out with her finger and sticked it on some card. Mrs. Young said “That she would give it back to us after camp”
A little while later we walked home to the camp site. We had a huge dinner and made our way to Lake Wakatipu. Summer and I then asked if we could go on the double biscuit. Dean, Alex’s dad said “Sure Kiddo hop on”. We hoped on and off we went. We zoomed past people on their weight boards and water skis. Summer then asked if we could go faster. Dean pulled the leaver and we raced off, it felt like there were rocket blasters on the back of the biscuit. We then had to pack up and go to the camp site. We went back to the camp site cleaned up and went home. On the way back home we talked about our favorite part. Mine was going on the double biscuit with Summer.
What was your best camp?
By Janaya


  1. Wow what a looooonggg story. You must have lots to share with the world Janaya. Love Mum.

  2. Great story Janaya I loved your story
    from leah

  3. funny story janaya l hope my feet did not stink.hahaha.
    l really enjoyed traveling with you and your mum.thanks

  4. well done janaya l really enjoyed that story and sorry about holley .thanks for takeing me and holley .

  5. well done janaya it was really interesting and cool feelings.
    it was really fun and l hope we can go soon again